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Meet the talent

1522991785478 1522991785478

Justin Huang

  • Led the Enterprise and Platform engineering teams; also helped manage the broader engineering organization in areas such as hiring, roadmap planning, engineering efficiency.
Software Engineer
1517010343448 1517010343448

Halle Ritter

Owned data science for the Concierge product under Lyft Business/Enterprise, including but not limited to:
-OKR setting and tracking- Drove product roadmap by sizing and recommending potential product features, creating OKRs to allow for measurability of impact, and setting OKR targets  

Data Scientist
1605557218482 1605557218482

Amit J Thakrar

Built a product experience to enable underserved segments of the population--teenagers and elderly, to use Uber.

Leveraged data to build business case, identified key risks, developed a product roadmap, conducted user research, acquired users, and launched the product across 10 cities in the US in less than a year.

Product Manager
1517660893521 1517660893521

Greg Robinson, DropBox

- Technical owner of Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Marketo platforms
- Consulted on creation and maintenance of email campaign process, including email campaign optimization, approval process streamlining, and automation
- Built email templates using modern, best practice HTML and CSS coding techniques, including responsive design

Marketing Cloud Developer
1516886671274 1516886671274

Aanchal Arora

Product lead for the first of its kind ridesharing data platform for multiple LOBs - Uber Rides, Eats, Bikes, Scoots to facilitate exchange of business and financial data between Uber and city authorities.
Onboarded 60% of the gross booking market and shipped it across North America, Latin America, Europe and Middle East.

Product Manager

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